EyeDope is a luxury sunglasses brand founded by Ron McCoy in January of 2016 and  subsequently launched in April 2017 after many months of planning and research. The initial collection featured nine styles.

EyeDope is more than a sunglass company. We are also a platform for the world to engage with us to share and showcase positive and/or exciting news/images/experiences with the hashtag #dopemoment. With so much negative news pervading our television screens and social meda feeds, we prefer to focus and showacse the goodness in the world.

Our product is sunglasses. But we consider ourselves to be in the self-esteem industry. We not only want our customers to feel good about how they look, we also want them to feel good about their life in general through our #dopemoment campaign.

EyeDope also has an apparel line consisting of both male and female t-shirts and caps.


Corporate Purpose

To ignite the global human spirit to recognize and share the beautiful, transforming, exciting, and uplifting moments in our daily lives with the hashtag #dopemoment.


Corporate Mission

* To consistently earn the allegiance of our customers by providing fashionable and well-crafted sunglasses from Italy.

* Ensure that our employees are creatively challenged and given every opportunity for growth both professionally and personally.

* Support and assist in efforts to ensure the humane treatment of our animal neighbors and the preservation of world resources.


Corporate Motto

It's better this way!



Press coverage
""At EyeDope, we design sunglasses that allow the wearer to fashionably express their individuality and personality, with styles that easily seque from a casual outing to an elegant affair.""
20/20 Magazine - July 30, 2020
"EyeDope is more than a sunglass brand. We are a platform for the world to showcase and share with us positive images and positive experiences that are going on in their lives."
EyeDope Introduces Exciting Eyewear
Rolling Out - June 21, 2017
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Ron McCoy, Founder/CEO
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