EyeDope is a designer sunglass brand founded by Ron McCoy in January of 2016 and launched in April 2017 after many months of planning and research. The initial collection featured nine styles manufactured mostly in Italy. Two styles (Captiva and Edge) were manufactured in China. The next collection due out in the spring of 2019, will be completely manufactured in Italy.

One unique fact about EyeDope is that we refer to our sunglasses as "vision stylewear."  

EyeDope also has an apparel line consisting of both male and female t-shirts and caps.

EyeDope is more than a sunglass company. We are also a platform for the world to engage with us to share and showcase positive and/or exciting news/images/experiences with the hashtag #dopemoment. With so much negative news pervading our television screens and social meda feeds, we wanted to be a platform to showacse the good in our world.

We are happy to contribute to organizations that work on our behalf to make the world a better place like the American Humane Association, Sierra Club, Audubon Society, Peace Corps, and others. 

Our company mission statement is, "To give our customers the highest quality sunglasses on the market to ensure a premium eyeswear experience at a competitive price."

Our tag line is, "It's better this way!"

Press coverage
"EyeDope is more than a sunglass brand. We are a platform for the world to showcase and share with us positive images and positive experiences that are going on in their lives."
EyeDope Introduces Exciting Eyewear
Rolling Out - June 21, 2017
"Don't let life pass before your eyes. View it in style."
Tallahassee Magazine - July 01, 2017
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