Biker Shorts Go High Fashion

Biker Shorts Go High Fashion

Biker shorts have recently made the seque from the gym and yoga studios and into the closets of fashionistas and models both on and off the runway. Check out the images below. Fashionistas are stylishly pairing biker shorts with crop tops, blazers, and over-sized tees and sweaters. Depending on your mood, you can pull off a casual chic look in sneakers or go with a glamorous sexy look in heels.

As to be expected, black seems to be the favorite color of choice in biker shorts for ladies, but the shorts can be found in a wide range of colors and lengths.

Because athleisure apparel is super-comfortable, ladies have long enjoyed wearing it, so it's not surprising that biker shorts have transitioned to fashionable as it is both comfortable and figure flattering.

From Hollywood celebrities to everyday fashionistas, the biker short fashion trend has carved quite a stylish niche.

For more biker short ideas and inspiration, please be sure to check out Pinterest.




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