Cantina La Marchesa – Boutique Italian Vineyard

Cantina La Marchesa – Boutique Italian Vineyard

Marika Maggi & Sergio Lucio Grasso/Owners

Italians are not only known for producing fine leather goods and the world's best sunglasses. Italy is also home to some of the world's oldest wine-producing regions and their wine harvest is known worldwide for its broad variety.

One particular US wine importer, Elite Worldwide Imports, based in tiny Monticello, Florida, specializes in importing wine from small boutique wineries from around the world. Elite was founded by Peter and Dawne ODonnell and their son Jared in 2012.

This past September, they were in Italy touring various boutique vineyards, and the Cantina La Marchesa Vineyard profoundly struck their palate and they decided to import several blends. The vineyard is in the city of Lucera, located in the Puglia region of Italy. The region has a long history of grape harvesting and wine.

Vineyards of Cantina La Marchesa

The ODonnells selected the following five blends from this vineyard, which they distribute to bars and restaurants In the panhandle of Florida.

Melograno - Bright rose'. Evident at the nose will be cherry, currant, and raspberry. Recommended with cured meats, scallops, fish soups, shellfish and salmon.

Capriccio Della Marchesa – Yellow-colored wine. Evident at the nose will be clear aromas of exotic fruits, citrus, and honey. Very soft on the palate.

Cacc’e Mmitte – Bright and luminous purple ruby color. Nose will enjoy notes of blackberry, raspberry, licorice, plum and wild cherry. Recommended with various Mediterranean dishes.

Quadrello – Straw yellow and bright. Enjoy intense aromas of jasmine and white flowers. Recommended with fresh vegetables, fish and white meats.

Nerone – Excellent red wine. Nose presents highlights of ripe fruit, reminiscent of wild berries and cherries. Light notes of vanilla, black pepper, tobacco and chocolate bitter. On the tongue, the impact is pleasant and well balanced.

For more information on the Cantina La Marchesa Vineyard, please refer to their website at company website. You can also find them on social media: Instagram @cantinalamarchesa.  Facebook – cantina_la_marchesa


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