Creative Ideas for Mother's Day!

Creative Ideas for Mother's Day!

Mother’s Day can be a very special day for many of us, especially those of us who have the ability to celebrate that day with our mothers and sometimes even with our grandmothers.

If you are fortunate enough to be in this situation, it is best to first consider your mom - and perhaps your grandmom’s - age and interests before planning an event or outing. Does she like being in a social atmosphere? Or does she prefer a creative or outdoor activity? Or perhaps something quiet with family, reliving family memories…

Here are a few suggestions;

For an active social mom a wine tasting could be a fun event, people getting together to taste and comment on different  blends, and including perhaps a walk and lunch by the vineyards. Another great choice for an active mom, if she likes gardening, and depending on the weather, is a visit to a botanical garden. Photographs with botanical garden backgrounds are perfect for a #dopemoment, so remember to have a camera available!

If your mother is a creative artistic type, there are many great options that you can enjoy together. A current popular event is Painting with a Twist which offers a painting workshop plus wine tasting, an interesting mix! Museum visits are another popular past time. First know your mom’s favorite genre or era of art and then find the appropriate museum. Photo workshops are also an enjoyable way to improve creativity and helpful at commemorating events and creating a #dopemoment!

Gathering together for a family brunch is another good way to celebrate Mother’s Day.  Dinners often go on too late for older family members so a late morning/early afternoon brunch is perfect. Having many family members together is a gift that mothers treasure. Remember to take pictures!

If you are not near your family on Mother’s Day, there are great ways to let your mom know you are thinking of her.  A phone call is always appreciated as well as sending flowers or a delectable edible arrangement.  A beautifully framed collage or picture of memories is always heartwarming. Think of your mom and know what is special to her.  Happy Mother’s Day!


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