DOPEMOMENT - Movement for Positivity!

DOPEMOMENT - Movement for Positivity!

It probably isn’t a stretch to say many of us have not heard of Positive Thinking Day. This constructive movement was created by an American entrepreneur to celebrate the benefits of positive energy and its effect on overall health, along with a constructive attitude, which leads to an increased satisfaction of life and its achievements.

It just so happens that in 2019, Positive Thinking Day falls on September 13th, a positivity theme closely related to the upbeat intent of the EyeDope #dopement movement. 

From the inception of the EyeDope brand in December of 2015, the intent to represent more than fashionable, dope sunglasses, was utmost in the mind of founder and CEO Ron McCoy. With positivity in mind and a play off the brand name, McCoy created #dopemoment.

A dopemoment is defined as, ”A moment in time where one experiences something positive/beautiful/exciting/transforming or uplifting.”

Today’s television screens and social media feeds are filled with an endless stream of horrific images of domestic/international terrorism, political strife and gridlock, catastrophic weather, and all manner of negativity. All real of course, but it seems like the topic du jour for news editors is "What is today's biggest negative news story?" It doesn’t take a psychologist to ascertain that if the human brain is exposed to a barrage of negative programming, many of us will feel discouraged, nervous, apprehensive, and generally have a poor attitude and outlook on life.

To counteract this dynamic, EyeDope strives to be a platform for positivity. Understanding that unfortunate things happen in life, there are lots of beautiful, wonderful, and uplifting things happening on a daily basis as well. EyeDope encourages a culture from the grassroots level where all things positive/beautiful/exciting/transforming and uplifting are showcased worldwide on social media news feeds and eventually, television screens with the hashtag - #dopemoment. 

In all fairness, news organizations do show positive news segments. Many have been posted on the EyeDope website on our DopeMoment page. These heartwarming human-interest stories represent the essence of #dopemoment. 

For our collective well-being, it is imperative to make a concerted effort to balance out the negativity that we are exposed to on a daily basis with positive and uplifting news, imaging, and actions. We encourage not only our followers to join us in this endeavor, but also the world-at-large.

Norman Vincent Peale, renowned author of the best-selling book, “The Power of Positive Thinking” once said, “Make sure you pay attention to what’s right in your life, not just what is wrong,” Take time to smell the roses and listen to the birds sing. Stop and admire the beautiful sunset on your way home from work. Take a nature walk and absorb the majesty of the trees. Volunteer your time at a local animal shelter. These are all way to appreciate daily the blessings that we take for granted. And they are also ways to experience a #dopemoment.

We invite you to join with us on this #dopemoment journey to change the narrative of the world. Celebrate Positive Thinking Day! Embrace each moment. Make it a way of life. By working together, we can bring about a universal movement to shift the focus from bad to good, from dark to light, to rise above.

Believe it and achieve it!


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