How to Survive the Football Season with a Sports Junkie

How to Survive the Football Season with a Sports Junkie

Ladies, do you find yourself feeling a bit melancholy this time of year, wary of the approaching football season? Does your significant other pretty much abandon you on weekends during the fall? If so, we’re here to offer some tips to help you survive this season in an accomplished fashion!

Your significant other’s dedication and commitment to football could actually be a boon for you to focus in on your personal needs and development, a chance for some “me time!”

Make a list. What could it include?  Educational classes, a more rigorous exercise routine, weekend trips, more time with friends?  For many, organization is a key to feeling more personally accomplished, take some time to think about what would work best for you! We offer a few suggestions below.

  1. Add to your education; take courses that will improve your situation both educationally and professionally
  2. Start a new health/exercise routine; improve your diet and your exercise routine
  3. Join a book club; a great way to meet likeminded friends
  4. Take art classes; drawing and painting are a great way to relieve stress and access creativity
  5. Put together a scrapbook, or digitize personal photos; leave an organized legacy for your loved ones
  6. Improve your garden; working in nature also relieves stress
  7. Declutter your apartment, home, garage, or basement; reorganizing is an amazing way to improve your life!
  8. Visit old friends that don’t live nearby; go for a weekend trip to renew friendships
  9. Volunteer; helping others  is a win-win situation
  10. Maybe even attend a football game; just to make your partner happy!

These are just a few ideas, you may have are many more. Take time to think of what you would enjoy and as the Nike folks say…..Just Do it!!!

Good luck!


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