Female wearing Maverick - EyeDope aviator sunglass

Introducing Maverick! EyeDope’s New Aviator Sunglass

We are beyond excited to finally introduce our new aviator brand to the market early next year in February. We call our new aviator Maverick, named after Tom Cruise’s character in the Top Gun movie series. For those who may miss the connection, Tom was a hot shot fighter pilot and like many fighter pilots, he never went left the runway without his aviator sunglasses. We originally planned to launch Maverick over two years ago, but then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and our plans were put on hold for a couple of years. After our initial manufacturing partner in Italy closed during the pandemic, we had to seek another partner. We are very pleased with our new Italian manufacturer partner. Their eyewear craftsmanship and design are top-notch and we are confident that our customers will be just as pleased as we are with the aviator product they deliver.

Aviator DOPEness

Naturally, Maverick will have the styling that you expect in an aviator sunglass. But our design team has customized and branded it in such way that our customers will have an aviator sunglass unlike any on the market. Maverick will come in two sizes: 56mm and 62mm. We chose to introduce two sizes not only to accommodate different face sizes, but also because many people prefer to wear their aviator oversized as a fashion statement. The stainless steel frame is styled with a sleek modern black matte color which will look beautiful with any color lens that our customer selects (more on this shortly). Another advantage of having the frame in black matte is that it will resist scratching. The arm tips are outfitted with a classic tortoise shell acetate tip and is branded with our EyeDope symbol. For maximum comfort, Maverick’s nose pads are made of super-lightweight titanium and our EyeDope symbol is engraved on each nose pad. The arm frame hinges are double-barreled to ensure stability and durability. The standard lenses for Maverick will be black polarized lenses with UV400 protection along with anti-reflective coating. In addition, our customers will also have the option to customize their aviator lenses by choosing from the following seven colors: red, blue, gold, pink, rose gold, green or silver. Further customization for our customers will include having any of these colors with solid mirror lenses. Our customers may also choose to have their Maverick outfitted with either prescription or progressive lenses. And to let the world know that DOPEness is your choice, the right lense will feature the EyeDope logo in the upper corner. Pretty awesome right? We think so! Can’t wait for Maverick to arrive just in time for Spring! Aviator sunglasses are unisex so both men and women can accessorize, whether casual or formal, with this classic sunglass style. ANTICIPATING FAST SELLOUT Pre-orders have been brisk and we anticipate a quick sell-out of the first shipment, so don’t delay! Click the link below and manifest DOPEness now! As we say here at EyeDope…….”It’s better this way!"

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