Managing Stress Through #Dopemoments

Managing Stress Through #Dopemoments


Since conceiving EyeDope as an eyewear brand during Christmas 2015, my goal was for the brand to be more than just a “dope” eyewear brand - but for it to also be a platform for positivity with our #dopemoment movement. We define Dopemoment as follows: (Noun) A moment in time where one experiences something positive, exciting, uplifting, or transformative.


We all know that stress is a regular part of our modern daily life. It is one of the biggest contributors to disease, mental health issues, and general unhappiness. Left unchecked, stress can lead to muscle tension, headaches, digestive problems, high blood pressure, and other health problems.

To ensure optimal health, both physical and mental, we must learn to manage how we react to life’s day-to-day stress challenges. By making it a priority to incorporate #Dopemoments in our lives, we will have the armor to fend off stressors that are sure to happen as we go about navigating our daily life.


While it is impossible to completely get rid of stress, there are many things (we refer to them as #dopemoments) you can do to naturally relieve stress.

Listen To Music

Listening to music is one way to lower stress levels as it has been shown to reduce cortisol levels and increase serotonin production, which helps us feel happier and more relaxed overall. Also try listening to sounds from nature to relax such as birds chirping or waves crashing ashore.

Nature Walk

Walking in nature is a great way to reduce stress because it allows you to unplug from technology, enjoy the beauty around you, and connect with other people while getting exercise at the same time.


Laughter is one of the best ways to reduce stress because it reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your body, which can help you relax and feel better overall. Try watching funny television shows or videos or hanging out with friends who make you laugh. Laughter is really contagious.

Get A Massage

A calming massage is one of the best ways to relieve stress for most people. It enhances blood circulation, which helps us relax. To enhance your massage experience, incorporate aromatherapy and/or calm music or sounds from nature gently playing in the background.


Exercising regularly can help you manage stress levels naturally by releasing endorphins into your system, which are chemicals that make you feel good about yourself and happy overall.


Yoga is another great way to relax from negative thoughts and emotions. This form of exercise also helps in improving flexibility, posture and balance making it great for your whole body health.


Meditation or prayer are both great ways to clear your mind from all the clutter that builds up during the day, so that you can focus better on what matters most in life at the moment.


We are all aware that stress is bad for us both physically and mentally. Too much stress can cause our bodies to experience a variety of health challenges such as headaches, high blood pressure and digestive problems.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of activities we can partake in to relieve stress. At EyeDope, we refer to these activities as #Dopemoments. Activities such as taking a walk in nature, enjoying a good laugh, listening to music, and many other fun, exciting activities.

Wishing you lots of #Dopemoments ahead!



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