Over-Sized Cat-eye Sunglasses: Trending for 2020

Over-Sized Cat-eye Sunglasses: Trending for 2020

Ladies have been drawn to the sophisticated, feminine cat-eye sunglass for close to 100 years. Breaking onto the fashion scene in the 1930’s, the cat-eye sunglass really gained popularity in the hugely successful 1961 movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s when movie star Audrey Hepburn stunned in a lovely tortoise-shell pair (See pic below). Like Audrey, the cat-eye sunglass epitomizes glamour, elegance, and classic/timeless beauty.

Cat-eye styles have evolved over the years taking various shapes and colors that span the entire spectrum. As we head into a new decade, the 2020’s, we here at EyeDope have noticed a resurging trend toward the over-sized cat-eye style. Very much in the style of the hugely popular sunglass we call Mystical (shown on the model below).


Mystical is manufactured in Italy and although it is over-sized, it is very light on the face as the frame is made of a proprietary technology developed by the Swiss that is incredibly durable and lightweight. The Mystical style offers very sexy black-to-clear gradient lenses with UV400 protection.

 EyeDope will be introducing this style in other colors in 2020 and would love your feedback on which additional colors to introduce. Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

In February Founder/CEO Ron McCoy will be in Milan attending the world’s largest eyewear tradeshow. He will be on the lookout for the latest cat-eye sunglass styles as well as other sunglass styles that will likely be seen on celebrities and the style conscious around the globe, Milan being one of the world’s fashion meccas. Look for a blog about his trip when he returns from Italy.

Until then – Blessings into the New Year!


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