Secrets of a Personal Stylist by Lashonya Hamilton (Guest Blogger)

Secrets of a Personal Stylist by Lashonya Hamilton (Guest Blogger)


Hi everyone! My name is Lashonya. I am creator of StyleinPNW Fashion Blog as well as a Stylist in the Seattle area. Over at StyleinPNW I dish out industry secrets, expert styling tips and processes to create the complete looks and closets. Stylists charge over a hundred dollars an hour for these tips. I am here to offer you a great styling tip RIGHT NOW! This styling tip will take any outfit to the next level! Here is the secret – No outfit is complete without accessories.

Here are three reasons why sunglasses, belts, handbags, jewelry, hats, etc. complete a look:

  1. When taking the extra time to accessorize your top and bottom it shows. You instantly look more put together. Even the most amazing outfit can become better with a pair of sunglasses or a necklace. This will make you feel more confident. Especially after all the compliments you will receive!
  2. Accessories like a fierce pair of shades or a beautiful handbag will instantly put a pep in your step. Have you ever seen, “Say Yes to the Dress?” Ever notice how “jacking the bride up” aka adding a belt and veil will move an undecided bride to tears of joy? The power of accessories is unmatched.
  3. Your accessories help convey the essence of your look. When you get dressed in the morning you are telling a story. Without accessories your story has no setting and no supporting cast. For example, when I wake up and feel like a diva, I leave the house in a pair of EyeDope “Mystical” vision stylewear. No matter what I choose to wear, everyone can see that a diva just walked by!

To get more expert styling tips, please visit me at I would love to connect with you personally. Please send me any questions or comments directly on my social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  

I hope this was helpful to you! Happy Accessorizing friends!


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