Kim Kardashian wearing sunglasses at night

Sunglasses At Night As A Fashion Accessory? Absolutely!

How often do we see celebrities like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian stepping out for a fun-filled evening in stylish sunglasses? And we can safely assume that the reasons are not only to fashionably accessorize their evening attire, but also to shield their eyes from the glare of ever-present paparazzi camera flashes.

While we non-celebrities don’t have to worry, not yet anyway, about the paparazzi waiting for us as we exit our residences, cars, and cool hang-outs, we can certainly still get in on the cool fashion trend of accessorizing our evening attire with a fabulous pair of sunglasses.

Dress To Impress

We’ve all heard the slogan, Dress to Impress, and it is gratifying to look your best as often as possible. When you look good, it often improves your vibe and attitude! And when you’re stepping out for the evening in your hot new outfit, accessorized with a dope pair of sunglasses, it can certainly kick up your confidence and have you feeling like a celebrity. Minus the paparazzi of course – for now, lol!

Perhaps Mysterious or Anonymous 

Wearing sunglasses at night may have you feeling a bit mysterious, and even anonymous. Covering your eyes can definitely have people wondering what’s on your mind or even who you are. And perhaps we all need a little space sometimes - even while out at a bar or restaurant.

One advantage of wearing your sunglasses inside a bar or restaurant is that you will be able to discreetly check out the cute potential date sitting nearby without them actually knowing where your gaze is focused.

In addition, be mindful as you move around inside though, as you don’t want to inadvertently bump into someone and spill a drink all over them or yourself, especially the interest you’ve been checking out!

Protect Your Eyes

Naturally, during the daylight hours, we all know the importance of wearing sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun’s ultra-violet rays, but there may also be benefits to wearing sunglasses in the evening as well. Many bars have flashing strobe lights, and while it makes for a great party and dance atmosphere, the strobe lights can be somewhat bothersome to people with lighter color eyes, as their pupil density does not block the light as well as darker pupils.

If you happen to be driving at night, sunglasses with yellow or orange tinted lenses have been known to reduce the glare of oncoming headlights. The proper shade of sunglass can also increase depth perception and provide better contrast and definition while driving in the evening. Check with an eyecare professional.

Many celebrities have chauffeurs to drive them about, but for the rest of us, or if your chauffeur is off for the evening and you do plan to drive, the proper lenses for nighttime driving are essential, better yet, wait until you reach your destination before putting on your stylish sunglasses. Especially if your sunglasses have dark lenses, as dark lenses will can definitely interfere with your ability to drive safely by decreasing definition.

Check With Your Eyecare Professional

Always speak with your eyecare professional in advance if you would like to complement your evening attire with sunglasses, they are your best specialists to assist and advise you on whether you should wear sunglasses at night.

So if you do decide to step out for the evening, fashionably wearing sunglasses, enjoy the feeling - but most of all be aware and be careful – as you can always slip on your sunglasses when your vehicle is parked, and then step out of the car looking fabulous and cool.

Ron McCoy - EyeDope founder wearing sunglasses at night

Ron McCoy/EyeDope Founder & CEO

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