Sunglasses in the rain? Absolutely!

Sunglasses in the rain? Absolutely!


It may sound like a contradiction to wear sunglasses while it is raining, after all they are called sunglasses not rainglasses. But in fact and in research, it is found to be very beneficial to wear sunglasses not only while it is raining but also while driving in fog.

High end sunglasses are polarized and created to block horizontal components of reflected light, and assist in counteracting the scattering of light and the atmospheric effects that fog and rain create in daylight, the result being that you can see better! Non-polarized sunglasses will just darken your vision at night, making it more difficult to navigate in these conditions.

Also note, never wear sunglasses while driving at night, as they will interfere with your depth perception, and that can spell trouble for you and other drivers!

So the next time you get caught in a daytime downpour while driving, first remember to reduce your speed, and then, reach for your tres chic EyeDope vision stylewear. Not only will you see better, but you will look super chic!


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