Ten Must-Have Items for a Gentleman

Ten Must-Have Items for a Gentleman


As the title suggests, a man who has worked well to position himself in his career and personal life should definitely have certain accoutrements in his lifestyle and wardrobe. The following list is not all-inclusive, but gives a general must have “starter kit” for the progressive and well-styled gentleman.

Dress Shoes

One of the things ladies definitely notice in a man’s dress attire is his shoes. So guys, put your best foot forward (pun intended) and invest in at least one pair of quality black and brown shoes. A nice pair of superior well-maintained footwear is indicative of a man who takes pride in his appearance and, very often, other aspects of his life.


A man with a passport is a man with the desire and means to travel, but perhaps more importantly, the curiosity to travel to new places to expand his worldly perspective. Enhanced knowledge of the world makes a person more interesting, sophisticated and informed.

Tailored Suit

A well-tailored suit will certainly earn admiration and respect. Like a high quality pair of shoes, a well-tailored suit is reflective of a man who is meticulous in not only his dress but his overall lifestyle, an important asset to living well – the best revenge!

Signature Bottle of Cologne

If we were to ask random ladies what they often notice about a man, his scent would surely rank high. So men, take time to invest in a quality signature cologne. And when you test the cologne, make sure it is the right one for you - give it a few minutes on your body before making the decision to purchase.

Leather Jacket

The leather jacket offers a gentleman classic styling. It's very versatile and can be worn with jeans and a tshirt for a bit of a "bad boy" look or with dress slacks.

Bed Sheets

Okay guys, we aren’t at the frat house anymore. If the woman you’ve been courting for some time is ready to take things to the next level, please treat your future girlfriend and/or wife to superior quality sheets. Invest in a set of superior high thread count Egyptian  linens, for a luxurious experience all around.

Weekend Getaway Bag

For those last-minute weekend getaways, a signature carry-on bag is another must-have for today’s discerning gentleman.  Your brief trip won’t require much, so the bag is perfect for packing just a few items that will have you out the door in class and on your way in no time at all.


Weather can be unpredictable and if you are out and about with your lady, she would so appreciate your being prepared for rainy weather. A large quality umbrella will most certainly protect your woman from messing her hairstyle and getting her lovely outfit wet as you head to your destination.   Your chivalrous ways will most likely have her singing in the rain!

A Piece of Artwork

A man that owns a piece of notable artwork demonstrates his appreciation of artistic beauty and most likely sees beauty in other aspects of life – nature, people and experiences. Often this gentleman has a fine appreciation of art and culture and enjoys discussing stimulating conversational topics over a glass of fine wine.


These days sunglasses are a signature fashion statement, everyone should own at least one pair of high-end sunglasses. Not only for the best protection of their precious eyesight, but also as an extension of lifestyle and personal expression. I highly recommend the very fashionable and well-designed EyeDope sunglass vision stylewear, designed and fashioned in the US and in Europe. But then, I may be just a tad biased in this area (smile)!

There you have it gents! Take an inventory of areas you need to improve and make the necessary adjustments to “step up” your gentleman factor. The ladies do take notice!



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