Why EyeDope?

Why EyeDope?

Since launching EyeDope in April of this year, I've often been asked; what is unique about your brand, why should I purchase your sunglasses? The question is valid, and one I will answer in this blog.

Consumers have a plethora of high quality, high fashion, sunglass companies to choose from so EyeDope is not unique in this regard. It is also true that a number of them contribute to admirable social causes as well. The difference is that EyeDope not only offers high quality, high fashion sunglasses but also through our #dopemoment movement, EyeDope is uniquely positioned to become ingrained in the lexicon of the world; to become a part of the fabric of pop culture.

#Dopemoment is the hashtag that we put forth for the world to engage with each other to share and showcase positive images, experiences, and news.

Our television screens and social media news feeds are filled with horrific images from around the world; war, terrorism, floods, wild fires, political gridlock. There is an endless stream of negativity that is beamed at us. Over time, all of this affects our psyche, our outlook, how we relate to each other and the world in general.

Sometimes, it takes the simplest thing to change the narrative, to create a tipping point. Our hope and desire for #dopemoment is to do just that. A #dopemoment is anything beautiful, positive, wonderful, enlightening, uplifting, and more.

A few examples.....

  • A news report of a good Samaritan buying Christmas gifts for a family that has recently lost their home in a fire....#dopemoment
  • Working on a house for Habitat for Humanity....#dopemoment
  • Photo of a beautiful sunset....#dopemoment
  • Volunteering at the animal shelter....#dopemoment
  • Acceptance into law school despite adversity... #dopemoment


The world needs our positive energy; each and every one of us is a point of light. Individually each light shines bright. Collectively, our light reaches beyond the stars. All of us can contribute to making our neighborhood, our city, our state, our country, even the world, a brighter place.

At EyeDope we plan to contribute five percent of our profits to organizations that make our world a better and brighter place. We will contribute to organizations such as the Sierra Club, Audubon Society, American Humane Association, and Habitat For Humanity, to name a few.

In addition, each week the EyeDope team will scour social media for people who have posted with the hashtag #dopemoment. One person will be selected each week who has posted content that is truly compelling, interesting, and/or exciting. The person selected will be featured on our website and social media and also receive a complimentary pair of EyeDope vision stylewear and a dopemoment t-shirt.

In the movies, good always prevails in the end. The bad guy loses. The good man gets the wonderful girl, and vice versa. Let's change the narrative so that life truly imitates art.

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I love the mission! The world needs more …#dopemoments

Robin Waers

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