The idea/concept for EyeDope crystallized in the mind of Founder/CEO Ron McCoy during Christmas 2015. Ron spent the next 15-16 months diligently researching the sunglass industry and sought out designers and manufacturers worldwide seeking the right visual expressions and material designs that would complement his brand’s aspirations and live up to its iconic name - EyeDope, by delivering a collection of globally inspired vision stylewear™ that features a fusion of classic heritage and contemporary sophistication. 


We realize our customers subscribe to the vision that, “living is a verb, not a noun.” They live an active lifestyle, are fashion forward, and socially conscious. Our goal was to deliver them a line that was both functionally fit, yet aesthetically pleasing while becoming a leader in corporate responsibility. We aren’t merely an accessory, we are an essential part of their lifestyle and fashion expression. 


And in a world often filled with negative soundbites, fake news and tragic stories, Ron also envisioned EyeDope as a platform for our customers and other citizens of the world, to engage with us to share and showcase their positive news and experiences through the hashtag - #DopeMoment. Our corporate purpose is, “Bringing smiles to the world through #DopeMoment.” We realize humanity knows no borders, religions, ethnicity or socioeconomic status. Let’s make this a Dope World together.

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