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The EyeDope corporate purpose is, “To ignite the global human spirit to recognize and share the beautiful, transformative, exciting, and uplifting moments in our daily lives with the hashtag #dopemoment."

We define a dopemoment as, “A moment in time when one experiences something positive, beautiful, exciting, transforming, and uplifting.” Through all of our online platforms, we encourage our customers and the world at-large, to share positive, beautiful, exciting, transforming, and uplifting news, experiences, and images with the hashtag #dopemoment. 




When it comes to corporate responsibility at EyeDope, it isn’t just a slogan but a commitment to a way of life that positively impacts the communities we serve. Good corporate citizenship starts first with accountability in both environmental and local community leadership. We believe that building a successful brand does not have to come at the expense of our environment, community, customers, or employees. We realize it is important to believe in the greater good in this world.

Each year we are committed to contributing five percent of pre-tax profits to various charities throughout the nation. Since pets are an important part of our families and fill our daily lives with unconditional love and countless #dopemoments, the EyeDope team is very pleased to join hands with Humane Associations across the country in their quest to ensure the safety, welfare, and well-being of our pets and all animals.

Additionally, our beaches, state and national parks, and other scenic treasures, offer us infinite opportunities for #dopemoments, but often find themselves budget challenged. EyeDope will also contribute to organizations that safeguard and protect our natural resources such as the Sierra Club and the National Audubon Society.

Please join us in selecting a charity of your choice and make a commitment to being the difference.


This CBS News segment is especially moving in light of the COVID19 pandemic that has affected millions of Americans financially. But even during these turbulent times, it is awesome to see multitudes of people rallying to come to the aid of a family in need. This is truly a #DOPEMOMENT!