EyeDope is an innovative luxury sunglass brand that was conceived and founded in 2016 by entrepreneur and fashion aficionado Ron McCoy. His foray into the sunglass business happened by chance during Christmas 2015 while watching Shark Tank re-runs with his family. After going to bed super-inspired, he awoke the next morning with a vision for a sunglass business that he would call EyeDope.

For the next eighteen months, Ron thoroughly researched the eyewear industry, familiarizing himself with the dominant brands in the industry and even small to mid-size brands. It was clear early on that the industry giants were well-established with huge advertising budgets with countless selection of styles for consumers to choose from.

In the face of those dynamics, Ron uncovered a niche that was not being addressed by the major brands. He decided that EyeDope would be more than just another “dope” sunglass brand. While he understood that sunglass customers want to look cool and fashionable in their sunglasses, his instinct told him that that was just one part of the equation.

Toward that end, Ron decided to differentiate EyeDope from other upscale sunglass brands by associating the EyeDope brand with all things positive, exciting, beautiful, uplifting, and transformative by playing off of the brand name with the hashtag - #dopemoment. The EyeDope brand identity would be positivity and we would would our website and all of our social media platforms to promote all things positive and beautiful. Our goal is to get the hashtag viral by encouraging our community and the world-at-large to share their positive and inspiring stories/experiences on their social media with the hashtag #dopemoment.