Fashion Week Around The World

Fashion Week Around The World

Fashion Week is a major fashion event celebrated around the world in various cities where fashion designers, brands, buyers, and fashion lovers come together to view and experience the latest fashions from the world’s top designers.

The most prominent fashion weeks are held in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Collectively, they are known as the “Big Four” in the fashion world.

The primary fashion week shows are held in each city in the winter and in the fall, for the upcoming season. For example, the NYC fashion week was held in February and it showcased fashions for Fall/Winter 2019.

The “Big Four” shows are always held consecutively to give attendees the ability to move from one show to the next. New York is always first, then London, Milan, and lastly Paris.

One big craze that came out of the New York Fashion Week was wearable technology. Soon, fashionistas will be able to be walking masterpieces of art as their clothes will be made out of fabric that can change color based on their body heat, mood and the weather. The times are changing fashion!

Many other cities in the US and around the world host fashion week events but the attendance and media coverage is not anywhere close to attendance at the “Big Four.”

If you consider yourself a fashion enthusiast (fashionista for the ladies), check the internet for fashion related events in your city. There are always opportunities for novices to participate either as a model or guest designer.

And as always, when attending a fashion event or anytime outside, remember to absolutely wear your essential EyeDope vision stylewear to top off your style!



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