Tips For Planning A Winter Ski Vacation

Tips For Planning A Winter Ski Vacation

Hotel Tara in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

In the dog days of summer, few of us are anticipating the cool winter season months ahead. But for those that enjoy a winter ski vacation, now is a perfect time to make plans.

When would you like to go on your ski vacation and where would you like to go? Early season, mid November to mid December, may be less crowded but also the snow fall may be less significant. Do you prefer a popular destination such as Jackson Hole, Vail, or Breckenridge? If so, book early.

Early booking helps guarantee a reservation and may guarantee reduced lift tickets prices, which increase in cost as the season approaches.  Look for “deal dates” online, you may be pleasantly surprised to uncover a jewel of a deal at an even better mountain resort than you were planning to enjoy your  fabulous ski vacation.

The early bird gets the best deal in this case so don’t hesitate to start your ski vacation search soon. Check the online travel websites like Expedia, Hotwire, Travelocity, to see get a comparison of rates near your favorite ski destinations.

Unless you are within driving distance of your ski destination, booking an early flight will give you better rates as well! And if you have a favorite restaurant, book reservations there also.

One word of caution, booking early allows you to save, but because you are booking so far in advance, the weather may not cooperate with your vacation plans, so be sure to check hotel and flight cancellation policies prior to finalizing your reservations.

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