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Five Reasons Why You Should Gift Mom A Pair of Sunglasses for Mother’s Day

When it comes to Mother's Day, many gift options can seem cliche. Some of the most popular and thoughtful gifts for mother dear are flowers, chocolate, clothing, and perfume. Perhaps this Mother's Day is the ideal time to surprise her with a quality pair of stylish sunglasses! And in case you're wondering why we'd suggest that, we have five fantastic reaons outlined below why you should do just that!

Reason #1 - Help mom protect her precious eyesight

Protecting mom's eyesight is absolutely a fantastic reason to gift her a pair of sunglasses. She definitely wants to maintain her vision to "see" those beautiful grandkids that you have or will have for her to spend time with and spoil.

Reason #2 - To wear as a daily remember of how wonderful you are

Sunglasses will be the gift that will be a part of mom's daily life and serve as a never-ending reminder to her just how blessed she is to have raised such a warm, caring, and loving human being like you. Besides, flowers will eventually wind up in File 13. And although chocolate is always a yummy treat, it will eventually go the way of..... well never mind! LOL!

Reason #3 - Bring out mom's inner "fashionista

Perhaps it's been awhile. But mom most likely was quite the fashionista in her younger/pre-mom years. And she may still be! If so, that's all the more reason why a stylish pair of sunglasses is the perfect Mother's Day gift for her.

Reason #4 - Think outside the box

Mom loves you and is certainly grateful for any gift you would surprise her with. But this year, let's think outside the box and treat her with a gift she clearly won't "see" coming (pun intended) - sunglasses!

Reason #5 - Keep mom safe while she's out and about

Keeping mom safe while she's out and about driving or partaking in other outdoor leisure activities is certainly a something we're sure you care about. Polarized sunglasses reduce eyestrain/fatigue and the glare of the sun and other shiny objects or surfaces that may be in her field of vision. Let's keeo mom safe while she's out running errands. Who knows? She may be headed over to your place to give you a little reprieve from the kids. Uh huh! We thought that would bring a big smile on your face!


So whudda you say? Hop on over to our website at and we'll get you squared away and all set to give mom the gift of DOPEness this Mother's Day!

Mom is going to love her EyeDopes! We're thrilled we could help you! You're quite welcome!

P.S. Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful moms out there!




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