Rooftop Bars

Rooftop Bars

Spring is here, and summer is just around the corner, so the time is right to enjoy the haute pleasure of a rooftop bar with a spectacular view. Rooftop bars have become very fashionable over the past decade for good reason. Brilliant sunsets and dramatic city skyline views along with innovative cocktails and appetizers are a winning combination. Some of the first rooftop bars opened in places like LA and NYC and soon caught on throughout the US. We’ve researched some of America’s top skyline view bars. Hopefully you’ll be visiting soon or already be fortunate enough to live nearby.

The New York City skyline has always been a dramatic calling card - written into many songs, plays and stories. But you might have to head Brooklyn for one of the best views of Manhattan. Across the East River at the Ides Bar at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn you’ll find one of the best rooftop attractions. A younger crowd frequents this popular rooftop bar that offers the latest mixed drinks and an extensive beer collection.  If your evening allows, arrive in time for an unparalleled sunset over Manhattan and don’t forget to take some pics for an unparalleled #dopemoment as well.

Jet setting south to Miami, one shouldn’t miss Juvia, designated a “rooftop heaven” by one patron. Although a bit pricey, Juvia gets high marks across the board for service, ambiance and its cuisine which has been called sublime. Set atop an old parking garage, the elevator opens at the ninth floor to a classy modern décor, surpassed only by the view of the South Beach, Miami skyline and the ocean.  Juvia is also known for its fun and funky cocktails such as Purple Rain, a mixture of vodka, fresh lemon juice, and a home-made "Chica Morada" syrup made of pineapple, cinnamon and star fruit,… delicious!  Great music at Juvia also.

Flying west, your jet sets down next in Texas for a skyline visit to the fabulous Soda Bar in Dallas. The Soda Bar sits atop the NYLO Hotel, which stands for New York Lofts and the bar’s ambiance reflects the hotel’s loft style with its retro- industrial design and contemporary artwork. To add to the vibe, this rooftop bar boasts both fire pits and an infinity pool. As a guest at the hotel, you are welcome to enjoy the rooftop infinity pool and this rooftop bar has such a great view that it speaks for itself. Couples often take their #DopeMoment engagement photos at this well known Dallas landmark. 
The next stop is Portland, Oregon at the Departures Restaurant and Lounge on the 15th floor of the Nines Hotel in the heart of downtown Portland.  This lounge and restaurant take its Pacific rim location very seriously, offering the latest in global cocktails and Asian fusion cuisine. The decor is chic and enticing and so is the food - a joy visually and also reasonably priced for such creative high end offerings. In addition, this contemporary spot offers a vegan and gluten free menu as well. Enjoy all while high above the city of Portland with a panoramic view of the skyline.

The final stop is Chicago, definitely a location where one would think the warm weather season is a preferential time to frequent an open air rooftop bar. The IO Urban Roofscape Lounge in River North downtown Chicago sits atop the Godfrey Hotel and the bartenders, service and cuisine all get rave reviews. This 15,000 square feet lounge and restaurant, and its adjoining hotel, definitely make the cut for our list of top trendy rooftop bars. But don’t just frequent this urban spot in the spring and summer, this outdoor lounge extends the season with geodesic dome igloos, fire pits and a retractable roof, but for now, enjoy the seasonal warm weather!

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